September 11, 2010
West Seattle Golf Course

Rules of Play

Each player will tee off and then the team will select the best tee shot. All players will play their second shot from within one club length of this location. This pattern is repeated until the ball is in the hole. Golfing Green photoIf the best shot lies on the putting green then all players will play from within 6 inches of this location. A minimum of two tee shots must be selected from each player throughout the round. Record the best score for the team on your score card.

Tee Box

Women will play their entire round from the red tees. All men will tee off from the white tees to start the tournament. After that, your last hole's score will determine which tee you use on the next hole. If your team makes a par then your team will remain on the white tee box. If your team makes a bogey then you can move up to the red tee box. If your team makes a birdie then you move back to the blue tee box. With each new hole your team plays, you will reevaluate which tee box you use based on your team's score for the previous hole.

Fr. Sarkies at the 2004 Tournament

Tie Breaker

In the event of a tie for first place, the teams will participate on a chipping/putting contest to determine the winner.

Scoring Area

After your round, please come directly to the scoring area located in the West Seattle Golf Course banquet hall.

Lunch, the most important rule of all

After your final tap-in birdie, come join us for a hot lunch at the 19th hole, generously provided by Ezell's Famous Chicken!